Welcome to Coca café . The web page absolutely essential for people to explore photos that I take to feed my own amusement and as well as memories (a photo diary) . Time does fly and with a blink of an eye, Coca café has been online for more than 5 years now . I'm  grateful to all who have visited this site and to those who have supported it all this while. Hope you will all continue to come back for more . Grazie .

With reference to the café I had previously mentioned about, it has not eventuated BUT....I am still keeping my options open.  More updates on that will be forthcoming . In the meantime, I am still sampling the best coffee available hoping to find that absolutely perfect blend, aroma, taste..... 

Personally, there have been some interesting changes in my life . I am no longer in the events industry . By chance or fate, I was introduced to a individual whom I am now collaborating with in starting and running a commercial photography studio . It has been a roller coaster ride and I am now proud to announce that 807Studio is up and running! Do visit us at www.807studio.com .

The rest of me is still pretty much the same . Technology still gets me going . I still love taking photographs, more so now especially when I get $$ from them . I still love my coffee, preferably a double espresso . My taste in music has sort of mellowed a little but I still listen to pretty much anything under the sun . My poison is still Vodka with the occasion drop of Brandy with ice and water . Anything else you wanna know, contact me at dave@cocacafe.com or any of my other contacts . 

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